Who doesn’t love the Holidays?

It’s a great time of the year for spending time with friends and family, hosting guests, decorating, and having an overall jolly time. For kids, it’s carefree! For adults, there are a lot of things to think about—including Holiday home disasters that may strike…

Top 3 Holiday Disasters (and How to Avoid Them!)

While it’s unlikely that your Holiday celebration will turn into National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, there are still some common Holiday disasters you may run into. It’s good to understand what they are, how to avoid them, and what to do after the dust settles (possibly literally).

Below are 3 holiday disasters that may occur and what you’ll want to do to avoid them…

  1. Fires

There are actually quite a few ways in which fires can happen over the Holidays. With fireplaces, cooking, dried Christmas trees, candles, and more, there are a ton of ways to cause a fire during the Holiday season.

How Do I Avoid This?

In order to avoid fires, make sure you keep an eye on candles, your fireplace, and your oven. Before going to bed or leaving the house, double-check that all of the candles are put out, the oven is off, and any fires are completely put out. You also should always keep your Christmas tree watered so it doesn’t dry up and die. Not only is this unappealing, but it is also a major fire hazard.

  • Injury

Putting up Holiday lights, getting decorations out of the attic, starting a fire in your firepit…there are so many ways you can injure yourself during the happiest time of the year! There is also that fun but crazy relative that has too many and may end up tripping on things (like exposed cords) and hurting themselves. This is especially bad if the cords or other objects are by the stairs.

Pets can also cause injuries—either by accident or on purpose.

How Do I Avoid This?

Take your time when dealing with heavy boxes—especially when there are stairs involved. If you are using a ladder, make sure it is secured before going up and down. Don’t ever use a ladder or carry heavy objects while intoxicated. Be very careful when starting a fire and pay attention to all of the safety instructions for any fire-starting equipment you are using.

It’s very important to make sure any cords or decorations aren’t a tripping hazard. Be especially careful around staircases.

If you have a pet that you know isn’t friendly, either consider taking them to a pet hotel or quartering off an area away from your friends and relatives. Check your homeowner’s insurance to see if pet injury is covered.

  • Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful and a traditional part of the Holiday season. With that said, they can also be a major hazard! Christmas lights can cause fires, injuries, and more.

How Do I Avoid This?

For your lights, only use outdoor extension cables and cords. Make sure you check your lights for cracked sockets and frayed wires. If your lights aren’t working properly or are damaged, you may need to replace them.

Tag your cords so they don’t get run over by a lawn mower. This not only destroys the cords but also creates a fire hazard. Also, tuck them away so they aren’t a tripping hazard.

In case there is an accident, make sure you take pictures before and after the lights have been set up. This allows you to better catalog any damage so it can be presented to your insurance company.

Insurance Company Being a Scrooge?

Not everyone is in the Holiday spirit. This may include your insurance company.

While not all Holiday disasters will be covered, some are. It’s important to read through your insurance policy to better understand your level of coverage and what information needs to be provided for your claim. If the damage is covered and you’ve properly detailed and filed your claim, but your insurance company decides to deny it or pay less, contact Colucci Law Group. We provide expert support to our clients and are able to help combat bad-faith claim denials. A top lawyer will represent you in a suit against your insurance provider, and we will fight to ensure you get the money you are owed.

Colucci Law Group is also able to file a claim for you. We’ll defend your rights and get you an appropriate settlement.

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Have a safe and happy Holiday season! 🎄