Secure An Advocate When You Face A Powerful Player

When you suffer property damage, an injury or face criminal charges, the issue may seem too big to take on. Large companies, government entities and the courts have significant resources and in-depth knowledge to protect their best interests. Colucci Law Group strives to even the playing field. We act as your experienced legal advocate, protecting your rights and ensuring that you have the resources you need.

Our goal is simple – to secure the best outcome for your case given your situation. We will carefully examine your circumstances and the accompanying evidence to develop a strategy that allows you to confidently face your legal concern.

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Accomplished Litigator And Strategic Negotiator

Attorney Candice Rojas-Colucci is confident in the courtroom and has been recognized for her strong skills as a litigator since law school. While court is not the best option for every case, a strong reputation in the courtroom can be a powerful tool to encourage an efficient and more favorable settlement.

We will either negotiate or litigate your case based on the anticipated outcome. Our team has the experience and insight to know when either of these strategies should be employed. We will partner closely with you so you understand what actions we are taking and why.

Providing Knowledge To Demystify The Legal Process

The legal system is complex, with many nuances that you cannot be expected to know. At Colucci Law Group, we will explain the legal process, how the courts work and the laws directly impacting your case. We believe that you can be empowered with knowledge and deserve to fully understand how your case is progressing. When you work with us, you work directly with a lawyer the entire time. We are here to answer your questions and any concerns that arise along the way.

In addition to Rojas-Colucci, Dave Lockard serves as attorney of counsel for our firm. This allows us to strengthen your case with their decades of experience and unique insights.

Contact Us To Secure Trusted Counsel

If you face criminal charges, a serious injury or issues with an insurance claim, contact Colucci Law Group to secure a fierce trial attorney who can fight for your rights. Call our Dunedin office at 727-733-9438, or our Fort Myers office at 239-378-7800 . You may also contact our firm online to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent clients across Florida.

Making Your Rights Our Fight

Work With A Firm That Will Fight For You.

Making Your Rights Our Fight

Work With A Firm That Will Fight For You.