Safety is of utmost importance during a storm. If you are a senior, it’s important that you take the appropriate precautions to ensure you make it through a major storm unharmed (or at least with no serious injuries).

Below are some very helpful storm safety tips for seniors. These tips can help you to better prepare for when a storm hits, as well as keep you safe during stay-at-home or evacuation orders.


Being prepared for an evacuation is key to your safety during a bad storm.

If it is determined that you need to evacuate, consider what is listed below for a safe and efficient evacuation:

  • Have emergency supplies ready (first aid, medication, etc.)
  • Have cash ready
  • Wear clothing that is appropriate for more intense activities (such as walking if your car breaks down)
  • Prepare your travel plans
  • Secure your home (windows, sandbags outside, doors, etc.)
  • Have food and water ready for the road
  • Purchase and pack your pet supplies

It’s important to keep in mind that evacuation orders can occur at any time. That’s why it’s critical to have a battery-powered or crank radio so you can stay informed—especially if the electricity goes out. You can also check your local news and keep an ear open for sirens. Consider both your local Emergency Alert System (on TV and radio), along with NOAA Weather Radio. You can also check out for more updates.

In Case of Fire

If a fire breaks out due to the storm, make sure you stay calm and find your way to the nearest exit in your home. Do not try to fight the fire and don’t run back in for items. Your things aren’t worth your life!

Check the handles of doors when exiting. If they are very hot, try a different door. If your clothing is on fire, remember what you learned when you were younger: stop, drop, and roll. 

Stay alert during the storm and exit immediately if you hear your fire alarm. Every second matters.

Once you escape safely, you can call 911 for firefighting and emergency services.

Learn About Local Resources

When a storm is on the horizon, it’s very helpful to know where you can find help. Think about putting together a cheat sheet of sorts, full of useful resources, before a disaster rolls in. It can be very difficult to do this when you’re in the dark without any internet.

Public shelters are important to look for—like those that the Red Cross sets up. They’ll likely have food, some basic medical services, and more. It’s a good idea to keep a list of the local hospitals and health clinics as well, just in case someone else or you get hurt.

File Your Insurance Claim

Dealing with property damage post-storm can be frustrating. With that said, you should be able to get money to cover the damages after you file a claim with your insurance company.

Before you file your claim, inspect your property and note any damages. Be extremely careful when doing so, though. There can be spills, gas leaks, downed power lines, and unstable flooring. If you are a senior, you may want to consider hiring someone to inspect the home for you before you enter to ensure your safety.

Whether you inspect your home or hire an inspector, make sure all of the damages are properly noted. This includes photo, video, and written evidence.

In order to ensure your claim is properly filed, consider hiring a legal firm that specializes in property insurance claims. Colucci Law Group can help you to expertly file your claim—increasing the chances of getting an appropriate payout.

Combating Bad Faith Claim Denial

If your insurance company decides to deny your claim in bad faith after you’ve properly filed, you don’t have to accept their decision! Instead, contact Colucci Law Group to combat the bad faith claim denial.

Colucci Law Group consists of legal experts that provide clients with support to fight bad faith claim denials. We will provide you with an expert property insurance lawyer to represent you in a suit against your insurance provider. We are also able to file your claim for you and defend your rights, so you get the settlement that you deserve.

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