Winter is quickly approaching! While in Florida winter isn’t as severe as, say, Canada, it still means coats, turning on the heater, and possible winter damage to your property. With that said, winter damage can often be minimized or even avoided with proper preparation.

Below is some information about common winter-related property damage you can look out for and how to properly winterize your home to decrease the chances of property damage. If property damage should occur, Colucci Law Group can help you file your claim and ensure you get the best payout possible.

Common Winter-Related Property Damage

There are a few ways in which the winter can cause property damage. Some of the most common include:

  • Frozen pipes
  • Roof damage
  • Issues with landscaping and driveway

As there is almost never snow, snow-related damage isn’t a huge concern. With that said, freezing and ice still is. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of your property, you need to make sure you winterize it well.

Winterizing Your Property

There are a few things you can do to winterize your property and decrease the chances of winter property damage. These include:

  • Insulate your pipes.
  • Let your faucets drip when it gets cold.
  • Inspect your roof for damage to shingles.
  • Bring your summer outdoor items indoors.
  • Clear your decks and driveway to prevent ice buildup.
  • Clean your gutters and downspouts to avoid ice dams.
  • Ensure your attic is properly ventilated.
  • Be careful when installing your holiday decorations and take all safety precautions when it comes to your fireplace and using candles indoors.

With proper winterization, you should be able to avoid most or all of the property damage that comes with the cold.  

Filing Your Claim

Most homeowners insurance policies cover winter property damage—even in Florida. With that said, make sure you read your policy closely to see what is and is not covered and when. From there, take all of the necessary steps outlined to file your claim and make sure you file on time.

If you would like help with filing your claim to ensure you get the best payout possible, reach out to Colucci Law Group. We’ll assist you in preparing your claim in a way that helps to ensure you get the best results possible.

Facing a Bad-Faith Claim Denial?

If you experience damage to your property due to the cold of winter and your insurance company denies your legitimate claim in bad faith, reach out to Colucci Law Group to get the money you are owed.

Colucci Law Group consists of legal experts who provide clients with support to fight bad faith claim denials. We will provide you with an outstanding property insurance lawyer to represent you in a suit against your insurance provider. We are also able to file your claim for you and defend your rights, so you get the settlement that you deserve.

For more information about our property insurance legal services, reach out today. We’d be happy to help you to file your claim or represent you in a lawsuit against your insurance provider.

If you suspect that you are the victim of a bad faith insurance claim denial, we can help. The Colucci Law Group has the resources to assess the validity of your claim at no cost to you. For a free consultation, email us or call our Dunedin office at 727-733-9438. You may also call our Fort Myers office at 239-378-7800. Our team assists victims of bad-faith insurance claims across the state of Florida.