Hurricane season is just around the corner. If you are new to Florida, the whole concept of preparing for hurricane season may be new to you. If this is the case, don’t worry! Below are some tips to help get you ready for the hurricane season, along with how you should approach filing your claim should your property be damaged during a storm. 

Tips to Get Ready for a Hurricane

There are a few things that people who have lived in Florida for a while are aware of when it comes to getting through the hurricane season. Here are some tips to ensure you are ready:

Purchase Supplies Before Hurricane Season

It’s extremely important to be stocked up on supplies should a hurricane hit, as you may find it difficult to get to the store. If there is an evacuation order, you also want to make sure you have everything you need ready to go. Here are some supplies you need to have ready:

  • Non-perishable food and water
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Diapers and baby formula
  • A first-aid kit
  • Cash in case you need to travel
  • A reasonable supply of any medications you are taking

Prepare Your Home

Your home can likely take a lot of damage. With that said, it’s not invincible. In order to keep your property safe, consider these home prep tips: 

  • Prepare your roof so it can withstand hurricane conditions
  • Install shutters for your windows
  • Remove debris from your yard
  • Trim branches that could break and damage your home
  • Safely store documents in a waterproof container

Prepare for an Insurance Claim

If damage does occur, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared to file an insurance claim. Here are some things to consider when it comes to filing a claim:

  • Check ahead of time to ensure you are properly covered and everything is up to date.
  • Make sure you’ve documented your property before a storm, which includes taking photos and videos of your property. Also, create an inventory of any items of value.
  • Document any damages after a storm and have the documentation ready when you file your claim.
  • Consider hiring Colucci Law Group to help you to properly file your claim. We’ll help you to get the best payout possible.

What If My Insurance Provider Denies My Claim in Bad Faith?

If you are up-to-date, have the appropriate coverage, and file your claim properly (and on time), your insurance provider owes you a settlement. If they decide to try and underpay your settlement or outright deny it in bad faith, reach out to Colucci Law Group for support.

Colucci Law Group consists of legal experts who provide clients with support to fight bad faith claim denials. We will provide you with an expert property insurance lawyer to represent you in a suit against your insurance provider. We are also able to file your claim for you and defend your rights, so you get the settlement that you deserve. 

For more information about our property insurance legal services, reach out today. We’d be happy to help you to file your claim or represent you in a lawsuit against your insurance provider. 

If you suspect that you are the victim of a bad faith insurance claim denial, we can help. The Colucci Law Group has the resources to assess the validity of your claim at no cost to you. For a free consultation, email us or call our Dunedin office at 727-733-9438. You may also call our Fort Myers office at 239-378-7800. Our team assists victims of bad-faith insurance claims across the state of Florida.