If you live in a rural area and have livestock, you may be wondering what you can do to keep your animals safe during hurricane season. 

Below is some helpful information for livestock owners in Florida so you can properly prepare both your animals and home for an upcoming storm…

How Do I Prepare My Rural Animals for a Hurricane?

There are a few things you can do to keep your livestock safe from an upcoming storm, including:

  • Make sure all of your livestock is chipped or has ID tags.
  • Prepare an evacuation route.
  • Have feed, water, and other supplies ready in case an evacuation is required. 
  • Evacuate earlier rather than later.
  • Ensure your barn is structurally sound and perform any repairs that may be needed.

Livestock Insurance

Livestock insurance is extremely helpful when it comes to a variety of different situations, including storms. Many livestock insurance policies cover floods, lightning, windstorms, and more. Check with your livestock insurance provider to learn more about your coverage and how to properly file your claim.

How to Prepare My Home During a Hurricane?

Along with your livestock, you are probably worried about your property. Here are some steps you can take to protect your home during a hurricane: 

  • Purchase and install storm shutters.
  • Form a barrier with sandbags around your home. 
  • Seal off any openings to the outside of your home. 
  • Cut your branches. 
  • Remove debris and decorations from your yard.

Consider these tips to also ensure the safety of your barn. 

Home Insurance

In order to get the best payout possible, check your insurance policy now to ensure it is up to date. If your property has undergone any changes, you may need to update your policy. Take photos and videos of your property now, in case you need to provide side-by-side evidence after a storm.

If a storm should occur, file on time and have your evidence ready. Make sure you hang on to any communications between your insurance company and you, including physical mail and emails. If you are concerned about filing your claim properly, consider hiring Colucci Law Group to help you properly file your insurance claim.

What If My Insurance Company Decides to Deny My Claim in Bad Faith?

If you have a legitimate claim and you filed properly, your insurance company owes you money. If they decide to deny your claim and not pay you in bad faith, reach out to Colucci Law Group for support in fighting this bad-faith claim denial.

Colucci Law Group consists of legal experts who provide clients with support to fight bad faith claim denials. We will provide you with an outstanding property insurance lawyer to represent you in a suit against your insurance provider. We are also able to file your claim for you and defend your rights, so you get the settlement that you deserve. 

For more information about our property insurance legal services, reach out today. We’d be happy to help you to file your claim or represent you in a lawsuit against your insurance provider. 

If you suspect that you are the victim of a bad-faith insurance claim denial, we can help. The Colucci Law Group has the resources to assess the validity of your claim at no cost to you. We also offer a free policy review in case you have any questions about your policy. For a free consultation, email us or call our Dunedin office at 727-733-9438. You may also call our Fort Myers office at 239-378-7800. Our team assists victims of bad-faith insurance claims across the state of Florida.