Written By: Marykatherine Bessette

In the relentless Florida climate, where giant insurance companies frequently squeeze out clients, underpay claims, and escape accountability for bad faith practices, one insurance company didn’t get away with it…

A Monumental Victory

In June 2024, in a crowded courtroom in Collier County, the jury sided with a condominium association against Tower Hill Insurance Company. Candice Rojas Colucci, Esq. and co-counsel Sarah Murray, Esq. delivered a monumental verdict for breach of contract under the insurance policy issued by Tower Hill. The plaintiff was awarded over $1 million in damages, marking a significant victory for attorney Candice Rojas Colucci, Esq. and her co-counsel Sarah Murray (both proud Stetson alumni).

Initially, Tower Hill Insurance offered a meager $19,056 for extensive damages caused by Hurricane Irma and denied the remaining damages, claiming they were due to wear and tear rather than the hurricane. Irma, a Category 5 storm at its peak, had sustained winds reaching up to 185 mph (295 km/h) and caused widespread devastation across the Caribbean and the southeastern United States (particularly in Florida).

This case is a perfect illustration of how long insurance companies can bury claims in litigation and attempt to grossly underpay policyholders. Tower Hill continued to delay the claim up until and through the trial, offering a barrage of excuses for why they could not pay what was rightfully owed to the Insured.

Tower Hill is obligated to pay prejudgment interest dating back to September 11, 2017 (nearly seven years ago).

Throughout this prolonged battle, Candice Colucci and Sarah Murray (along with their dedicated team) remained steadfast—never relenting; even when brought to trial. With her extensive courtroom experience, Candice Colucci, along with her co-counsel Sarah Murray, convinced the jury to make Tower Hill fulfill their obligations to their insureds. Attorney Colucci, who boasts an undefeated record in the courtroom, once again proved that insurance companies cannot and will not get away with underpaying policyholders for hurricane damage claims.

A Reminder That Justice Will Prevail

The condominium association, located in Naples, Florida, became a symbol of justice for many Florida property owners. Over the four-day trial, Colucci’s unwavering commitment demonstrated to the jury the severe underpayment suffered by the policyholders. The verdict showed that, even in these challenging times when insurance companies seem to have the upper hand against homeowners and property owners across Florida, they are still bound by the highest standards of law and must pay what they owe.

Candice Colucci and Sarah Murray’s victory reinforced to their clients and the entire state of Florida that insurance companies are obligated to honor their contracts, especially when it comes to catastrophic storms like Hurricane Irma. As this hurricane season unfolds with its own set of challenges, Colucci and Murray’s recent triumph illustrates that even the most powerful insurance companies cannot overpower the tenacity, passion, and expertise of Colucci Law Group and Murray and Associates.

Despite Tower Hill’s size and legal power, they were no match for Candice Colucci and her co-counsel Sarah Murray. Their law group continues to be a formidable advocate for the people, tirelessly fighting for justice until policyholders receive the compensation they deserve. Whether representing single homeowners, condominium associations, or large commercial businesses, Colucci Law Group and Murray and Associates stand ready to emerge victorious against the litigious and unfair practices of monolithic insurance companies that underpay claims and drag them out unfairly in court.

This victory for the condominium association serves as a reminder that justice will prevail, and insurance companies will be held accountable for their obligations. We celebrate this win for all policyholders and property owners in Florida and applaud advocates like Candice Colucci, Sarah Murray, and the jury of their peers for upholding the highest standards of law.

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