“I lost everything in the Hurricane”
“I don’t understand the Insurance Claim Process”
“I need Help…”

After a disastrous loss like a hurricane, you may feel a variety of emotions wash over you: fear, anger, sadness, worry, etc. These feelings can be overwhelming. You are not alone. As the fear subsides, you must prepare yourself to endure the long road to recovery. You need normalcy and a sense of “Place.” That means your home. Filing an insurance claim can be stressful, but with the right guidance and some patience, you WILL begin to feel complete again. Working to receive a fair insurance claim isn’t easy for homeowners. In a time of devastation like this, you will want to leave the process to trusted and experienced property loss Insurance attorneys like the Colucci Law Group. We take the stress and worry away, so you can focus on the essential task of getting your life back in order.

We want to answer the questions we hear the most. As always, never hesitate to call and talk to us.

Should I hire an attorney to help with my property loss insurance claim?
Many people feel that they can handle the insurance claims process on their own, but understanding the full terms, coverages, and contractual obligations of a lengthy insurance policy is difficult. There are exclusions and deadlines that come into play, which we will identify and help you to understand and resolve.

Will my insurance company be fair with me?
Unfortunately, many Insurance Companies want to undervalue and underpay your claim, because they are profit-driven, so they aim low on your damage estimate. From the moment disaster strikes your home and property, you are subject to complex rules and deadlines that put you at a serious disadvantage. If your Insurance Company does not pay you enough to cover your property loss, our experienced lawyers will help you stand up for your rights and take control of your claim. We hold insurance companies accountable for unfair or fraudulent conduct.

I hear about Public Adjusters. Do I need one if my Insurance Company sent one?
You can definitely use a Public Adjuster to estimate your damages and try to settle your case, if they are unable then you can hire us; OR, you can just hire the Colucci Law Group who has Public Adjusters on staff (at no charge to you) who will accurately estimate your damages. Our highly trained, certified, licensed adjusters will evaluate the true value of your claim, and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your losses in full, then submit it to your insurance company to be negotiated by one of our experienced insurance lawyers who is 100% working for you.

How do I afford an attorney?
The Colucci Law Group cares about your full recovery, so we do not charge you anything. Read it again: We. Do. Not. Charge. You. Anything. You keep the FULL AMOUNT of your recovery. In the State of Florida if an insurance company denies, underpays, or improperly disputes a claim by their insured customer in any way, they are required by Florida Statute 627.428 to pay the reasonable attorney fees and costs. This law levels the playing field between you and the Insurance Company.

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