Even Florida’s first-time drunk driving offenders will face serious consequences, should they receive convictions for the act, and they can expect to have to pay hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars in fines, depending on circumstances. While these expenses can take a significant financial toll on your bank account, you will, unfortunately, face additional financial hurdles once you earn your driving privileges back.

According to Insure.com, those convicted of driving under the influence in Florida and the rest of the nation should prepare themselves for paying considerably more for car insurance once they have DUI convictions on their driving records. Many people in your shoes do not factor in this additional cost when thinking about the consequences they will face for drunk driving, but the increase can, in many cases, be a big one, so you would be wise to prepare accordingly.

Just how much more expensive does car insurance become once you have a Florida DUI on your driving record? If your driving record is otherwise similar to that of the average state motorist, you were probably paying somewhere in the ballpark of $2,250 annually to insure yourself behind the wheel before your DUI. Once you have that DUI conviction on your record, though, you will pay closer to $3,614 a year for insurance coverage, which is an increase of more than $1,300 annually.

A conviction for DUI in Florida has serious ramifications, and it has the potential to impact you personally, professionally and financially. In some cases, Florida’s drivers who have DUIs on their records may need to shop multiple insurance providers to find a company willing to offer them coverage.

This copy is educational in nature and does not constitute legal advice.