As beautiful as Florida is year-round in terms of its temperatures and its beaches, the unfortunate truth is that we also have our share of hurricanes. Consequently, if you own your own home, you need to make sure that you have the proper insurance to cover any hurricane damage you may sustain.

Allstate recommends that you closely read the provisions in your homeowners’ insurance policy to see exactly what coverage it provides and what it excludes. How much financial help you get in the wake of a hurricane could depend on where you live, what types of hurricane damage your home sustains, how much coverage your purchase, and what, if any, limitations your policy includes.

Wind damage

Most homeowners’ policies cover wind damage, including that caused by a hurricane. Naturally, the limits of your coverage will limit the amount you will receive. Your policy may also contain a separate hurricane deductible in an amount higher than your standard deductible for other types of home damage.

Water damage

Very few if any homeowners’ policies cover flood damage of any type, including floods caused by a hurricane. You must buy a separate flood policy through the National Flood Insurance Program if you hope to receive any money to repair flood damage to your home, whether or not a hurricane caused it.

On the other hand, your homeowners’ policy may well cover some types of hurricane water damage to your home. For instance, if your policy includes wind damage and the hurricane damages your roof causing your home to suffer water damage because hurricane rainwater invaded your home through your damaged roof, your homeowners’ policy may well pay for repairing this water damage.

This is general educational information and not intended to provide legal advice.