Florida drivers like you share the roads with all sorts of other people. Unfortunately, the driving behaviors of others can therefore easily impact you, along with the potentially dangerous trends of the road.

One particular danger that has only been becoming more prevalent recently is that of drowsy driving. This occurs when a driver who is tired ends up getting behind the wheel without getting proper rest. This can lead to an increased risk of them getting involved in crashes. This is because drowsy driving actually affects people in a way similar to distracted driving, or even driving while under the influence.

There are many theories as to why drowsy driving is on the rise. One is that people are encouraged to push themselves to their mental and physical limits these days, and end up overexerting themselves because of it. Another is that so many people drive while drowsy that it is just accepted as a driving behavior that is not too dangerous. Because of this, some people believe that there should be wider campaigns launched that target the dangers of drowsy driving, so that it is treated in the same way that distracted driving or DUIs are.

Unfortunately, despite this potential misconception, it is actually quite dangerous. And the dangers will only grow as more people get on the road without having gotten enough sleep beforehand. Are you curious to read more about drowsing driving and the phenomenon of tired drivers? If so, consider taking a look at our web page on car crashes as a category of personal injury, linked here.